Experience with a cup of single origin espresso:

Haru – geraniums, acacia honey and so many “Sara’s” ordering coffee that morning…Pavement Coffee Shop by  Berkeley  School of Music


Although I drink them much more in the winter, I really like the diversity, health benefits and comfort drinking tea provides. There are so many too – aged, black, green, mate, red, white, herbal and everything in between…

aged teas

Cancun visit January '14

Escaping Boston in January:

Mezcal is usually served neat, with lemon (sometimes oranges, however I usually experience lemons) slices and the sal de gusano (salt ground with the dried caterpillars that infest agaves) truly heightens the savory, smokiness of this clean aloe-like tasting crisp and sometimes vegetable elixir.

Estate & Biodynamic Wines

Estate & Biodynamic Wines


Estate and Biodynamic producers along with Riesling, Grower Champagne and Burgundian Pinot Noir are what seek to drink when I get cravings  and want to take a “timeout”

I prefer estate grown wines as I believe there is a sense of place and a different intimate interaction that comes into play which isn’t quite the same with sourced fruit.

Grapes, all of which, are interesting to me; but I am a purest in most senses and like to see them shown off in their simplest formulations.

Pilsners, Wild & Sour Beers


My favorite style of beer is Pilsner, classic refined and simple. However, I am always up to try something new so wild yeast beers and lambics are ever changing and interesting along with Flemish sours. In the winter I would never pass up a stout or porter and the occasional IPA will wet my whistle too…

Green Juice with Persian Sea Salt

Smoothies and Juicing, Drinking Fruits and Veggies :

I don’t function quite the same without my morning juices and green smoothies, I always try to add seasonally local ingredients, but most important listen to what my body is craving whether that’s oranges and carrots for vitamin C or sprouts and spinach for iron and micronutrients to stay well charged and healthy.

Juice ingredients

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