Matcha Seed Butter Balls

Recipe Inspiration: 

I have had trouble with digestion (low to no tolerance for dairy, unprepared gluten, eggs, soy, most nuts, onions and garlic) for the last 10 years with flare ups happening frequently this past year. In an effort to have snacks ready for quick grab n go to’s I have been experimenting with homemade and prepared options. I want things that taste good and are healthy while not upsetting my stomach which can be a hard combo to find. The ratio of tasting good and being okay for my stomach aren’t easy to find. In the case with this recipe I used what I had around the kitchen.


The down side to these is that they use some pretty expensive ingredients, so substitute where you like. If nut butter (almond, cashew, peanut, hazelnut) isn’t an issue, try substituting or adding dates, dried fruits, raw cocoa or other seeds. Some recipes call for protein powders which I don’t particularity like or maca powder for that matter either, they have too strong of flavors that I find to be overpowering. But there are no rules only to find what works for you!


14 oz seed or nut butter (used 88 acres vanilla spice sunflower seed butter)

4 Tablespoons seed mixture combo (chia, white sesame, hemp, flax)

2 teaspoons Matcha powder (used four sigmatic mushroom matcha drink mix)

2 Tablespoons unsweetened coconut flakes

4 Tablespoons maple sugar

Mix by hand and make to taste.

Roll into approximately 2 T size balls making them approximately 200 calories/serving.





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