Simple Salmon

I think that everyone might have favorite things to make or go to recipes that are easy quick and delicious. Roasted or pan fired salmon is one for me. Simply salt and pepper the salmon, add steamed potatoes, a salad or green of some kind and its perfect for anytime or company! Pour wine of course too. Maybe rose or a nice white with some acid or whatever sounds yummy, gamy perhaps…?


I had time this weekend to cook and enjoyed being in the kitchen experimenting and cooking something comforting and easy as Sunday.

This time I tried a winter slaw, it was free-style but turned out pretty nice. My takeaway was less is more on the add on, the ingredients have so much flavor on their own, less salt, vinegar and sweetness is better oh but more herbs! Maybe I would add dill next time, but didn’t have it soooo next time.



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