Weeknight Tacos

Tacos are my favorite vessel for leftovers. They are my go to dish in a pinch. On weekends, especially in winter, I will braise meat like lamb, beef or pork and freeze it making for easy preparation on a busy week night. Using roasted vegetables especially during winter root season or grilling summer vegetables makes for low maintenance vegetarian option.

You can also top them with whatever you like, jalapenos, fresh salsas, creme fraiche, radishes, cilantro, cabbage, sprouts and red onions so many options…

The tortillas can literally break the taco experience. To heat them, use a gas range placing the tortilla directly over the burner (set on low) and don’t walk away…flipping them until you have some nice charred edges. A brand I have been using recently is Mi Tierra. Just corn, water and lime made in Springfield, MA. I get them from the Boston Public Market in the Haymarket.

This past Sunday, we brought out the crock pot, needing a set it and forget it kind of day. Following the crock pot instructions for braising pork ribs, adding a simple bbq sauce, 12 hours later easy and delicious pulled pork tacos were created. I topped the tacos with radishes, homemade coleslaw and cilantro. Please freeze any leftover meat, don’t waste food :)!

my favorite weekday cocktail with tacos: 

1 oz Los Nahuales Mezcal

1 oz Farmer Willie’s Ginger Beer or Fever Tree Bitter Lemon

2 oz fresh squeezed blood orange juice

shake, pour into salt rimmed glass with slice of lemon or orange, enjoy!

Also try sake: img_4095Beer is usually paired with tacos, for another fun brewed product try sake! Sake is brewed using rice rather than barley or a mixture of a certain grain bill.

Yamada Everlasting Roots, lovely with mole influenced dishes too

Tentaka Hawk in the Heavens, perfect partner to anything bbq

Yuho Eternal Embers, not sure what this sake doesn’t go with


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