Dancing in a Dream in the Land of Remembering…

I want to and have done the dance of barefoot fun

Warm sand touching

Grounding barefoot toes

Expanding and compounding the ground below

Exotic drums beating and pounding of their soundings

To the surroundings

Waves of their vibrations striking, rippling, rounding

Drowning to the heart

Figures running through waves of hair

Pushing it back to bare, fresh sweet sweat that glistens

There on the forehead of deer and bear

Wild as it is, expressing the nature of instincts

Who we are here and there connected to touch

Our deepest desires of smells that are musk,

Heightened during dusk

Pink, purple and blue touch your face

With their hue of time and space of this place

To be and heal what an amazing grace

Grace of bodies waving and weaving in and as the wind

In a love affair of here

Then be it now as a tribal vow amongst the brow of you know who knows how

We are dancing in the dream of remembering of here and now18118696_10212389014058229_5103934589531187539_n

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