The cycles of the moon affect all of us in different ways. Since ancient times the full moon has been a time to “release” what was “planted” during the new moon.

Many will say that there is a 3 day cycle to a full moon phase, from my teachers and learning I have understood there to be 7. As with many metaphysical findings, it varies. What effects you may differ cycle to cycle.

The key observations are to be aware and gentle.

Use this time roughly once a month to practice preparation and planning, reflection, self-care and releasing.

Day 1: Physical activity – try something new, be in nature and get some extra fresh air

Day 2: Do something that sparks your creative side. If you meditate, try using grounding crystals (moonstone is good to add during the full moon or try pyrite, black tourmaline or smoky quartz) or acupuncture if that speaks to you. Sea salt baths are also great!

Day 3: Positive thoughts are important. Try to avoid negative people and situations. Since thoughts are connected to the element of air, burn incense (patchouli or nag champa are nice options) to enhance your atmosphere.

Full Moon: Integrate something into your day that makes you feel peaceful. Writing, meditation and reflection could be useful as this is the “highest energy day of the month” and you may notice your sleep being altered. Either feeling sleepier than normal or struggling to sleep.You may also feel or be extra sensitive, be gentle to yourself.

Day 5: Positive thoughts are again important, repeat day 3 steps and steer clear of negativity and criticism.

Day 6: Kind, proactive communication and participation in balanced relationships are important to foster, develop and nourish.

Day 7: Consider and participate in activities that bring vitality to your physical body.

The key takeaways are to use this time to take pause, become aware of your physical, emotional and mental practices.

Take steps to clear out what isn’t working and integrate a new activity for the remainder of the month.


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