Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, rich and earthy, deep and expressive. I try to always keep a little around!

Single “origin” and raw chocolates.

Take a bite –

Gravity seems to want to drop a little front center of my tongue.

The single origin types can be focused and varied just like coffee, scotch or wines. Eliciting the surroundings in proximity to where it was grown, harvested and processed.
What makes it interesting? It starts with the process,  after harvest the beans are smoked. This post-fermentation process imparts incredible flavor; think wood smoked bacon and aged scotch.

The volcanic soils and diverse landscape provide a complex start for these cocoa beans. In addition to the soil and tropical climate the preparation techniques only add to the rich earthy base of this chocolate.

The gut check –

To add to what has already been described…
I feel I am walking into a floral shop when I smell and have the first bit of this chocolate. I get the wafts of moss, the vivacious green plants, the cuttings from roses and plants that are facing withering death, the bright geraniums and fresh earth that each of these plants are potted in along with the coffee that the shop keeper drinks while telling me about succulents that have arrived…oh and the chocolate still lingers on.

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