Afternoon espresso:

Haru – geraniums and acacia honey Pavement Coffee Shop by  Berkeley  School of Music

Teas and Raw Cocao “hot chocolate”:

Although I drink them much more in the winter, I really like the diversity, health benefits and comfort drinking tea provides. There are so many too – aged, black, green, mate, red, white, herbal and everything in between…2016-01-17 13.52.03-1

Mezcal & Tequila:

Mezcal is usually served neat, with lemon (sometimes oranges, however I usually experience lemons) slices and the sal de gusano (salt ground with the dried caterpillars that infest agaves) truly heightens the savory, smokiness of this clean aloe-like tasting crisp and sometimes vegetable spirit.

Estate & Biodynamic Wines

Family Owned/Operated & Biodynamic Wines


I prefer estate grown wines and may be proven it’s all in my head. However, I am convinced there is an energy transferred to the drinker. I have heard and used the words “sense of place” which seems logical. If an apple in the refrigerator sits next to the onion its going to smell more like appion than granny smith.

Grapes, all of which, are interesting to me; but I am a purest in most senses and like to see them shown off in their simplest formulations.


My favorite styles of beer are German helles and pilsner. Classic, refined, simple, but hard to make well. However, I am always curious to taste a new beer. Wild yeast beers and lambics are fascinating with different personalities. In the winter I would never pass up a stout or porter.

Green Juice with Persian Sea Salt

Smoothies and Juicing, Drinking Fruits and Veggies :

I don’t function quite the same without my morning juices and green smoothies, I always try to add seasonally local ingredients, but most important listen to what my body is craving whether that’s oranges and carrots for vitamin C or sprouts and spinach for iron and micro-nutrients to stay well charged and healthy.

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