Beet Kvass

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While on a recent trip to Toronto I was out book shopping and found Nourish a book by three women that is inspiring for the mind, body and soul junkie. The book is broken up into three sections featuring each contributor, this Beet Kvass recipe was inspired by Amber Rose’s section. Having kefir, kombucha and apple cider vinegar as part of my current dietary routine, I like the idea of trying a new component to my health tonic pantry.

Beet Kvass as a health tonic is said to help with the following: digestion, blood alkalizer, liver cleasner and helps to promote regularity.

Recipe makes about 1/2 gallon (taken from Nourish by Amber Rose):

Notes – very important to use filtered water (chlorine will prevent fermentation) & sterilize the jar or jug.

2 – 4 beets diced

3 T whey*

1 T sea salt

Filtered water to cover


Place diced beets in bottom of glass jar. Add whey and salt and cover with filtered water. Cover with cheesecloth and leave on the counter for two days to ferment. The entire container can then be transferred to the fridge, replacing the cheese cloth with a tight fitting lid. This will last for several months and the beets can also be eaten.

*Whey preparation: Place 1 1/2 cups of plain unsweetened yogurt (not Greek) in cheesecloth (I draped the cheesecloth over a sieve that I placed over a mixing bowl). The thin white liquid that drips from the yogurt is the whey.


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