40 (38) days of opportunity…

Parts of this song “Ghost Pop Art Blue” have been playing in my head for the last 24 hrs. Reminding me of the gratitude I have for past lessons, learned:

As the ends of winter are making their way out, a reassurance of an opening blossom foreshadowing spring, we are given a 40 day (now 38) opportunity.

Undetected swift moving stillness, I image a frozen river where bits of ice are falling into the flow, so there is warmth, but ice still clings to the cold parts of running water that will eventually be melted by sunny days until we “passover” into another period of awareness, rebirth and grace.

I am feeling that now more then ever it is important to stay focused. Finding quiet aloneness to connect with what that focus is, to allow for awakening into wholeness; just as accumulated ice will melt with the flowing river harnessed by longer days of sun warmed spring.

Thus, the focus is placed on tending to my own fire rather than going out to burn “wood” for someone/something else, all that is needed is already within.

Some may look to cleanse at this time as way to connect, or converse with conventional or personal dogma. Whatever the way, for the individual, is not of importance.

Movement in action, the step into the frozen river of ourselves until we too melt to water the flowers of spring.

– Rachelle


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