Landing Gear
I have been flying for a while now, how long I don’t know

I’m seeing clouds and sunsets among a path I must go

Clouds of shower and of rain to wash this path of weary pain

Joy sprinkles in drops on the parched fence that I had stabled in April

To plant flowers to pick and brighten the spot in which they lay,
dehydrated but thinking to stay and get lost on that very plot of superficial thrive that was bought.
This will go away as it cannot stay
I am still traveling on the sky for sunrises that have been surmised
Ashes blow away the past and come fourth at last

I dip and I dive through fields I have known, hovering, covering ground and sky

I have grown through the lightening and the wind of past and present spin

The vision is here in my eye

Blyth has come over me to trust universal expansiveness within roundedness, companionship expanding out of me.

The clouds are heavy ready to condense from rain I am a part of it all the riddle of the fall
To not understand what had been grasped in that hidden hand of a new found land

Ground to sow the seeds of a new line that I please I am free and will succeed


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