Time, Timing and Being without Time

Time, Timing and Being without Time

We get caught up in the past and future way more then we know. I hear discontentment from many of my friends and people I come in contact with on a daily basis. We live in a society that fosters and rewards planning, execution and financial gain. All of these things are important and not to be discredited but must maintain a balance. If they are not kept in check with a mindful state we can lose ourselves and our happiness…

We have a daily choice for happiness.
Happiness doesn’t come with stipulation you can choose what stays and what fads away.
This life is one to experience fully; it is a play ground of emotion, dreams and possibilities bubbling up to the surface in each moment that breath flows within us find the beauty and strength in free falling from one monkey bar to the next ever knowing you will land only to fly once again.

We as humans find insecurity in not having a plan, not knowing the time.

shells and sea stonessouth boston harbor

These are my thoughts on time…

There is no rush to touch what is already a must

Take fresh air in the time that is here, there, everywhere

As it will take you there

With care to share and dust the rust that has been stagnate without a care to go anywhere

But now there is fresh air aware of the snare that must bare to bones to be aware

to take care of what is around and everywhere

Be there, be there to share

– Rachelle


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