The Coffee House


I have this affinity for the coffee house, it’s like a craving and when I haven’t had a good friend over coffee fix I start “Jonesin” so this leads me to ask what kind of coffee experience do I crave and why?

I think there are some essentials that a coffee community needs. Starting with the space: first and most important creative, willing to be open people, tables situated to create intimacy – small tables close together, a warm and energizing color palette, cozy ceilings, rousing music and remarkable artwork. It is also important to capture the local vibe of the city, creating a space that brings the outside in, its people, culture, art and way of thinking.

The coffee should provide an adventure. A well made espresso is a must, French press, Chemex would also be great to explore the wide array of origin coffee available and taste its purity.

For me I feel grounding, connecting energy from a well played coffee house (I use house here for a particular reason, in the sense of an institution and comfy place to land). When I’m sentimental, numb or restless and unable to compartmentalize life into a functional space within my brain I turn to the coffee house (hence why it should be a abstract institution, whether it wants to be or not, selfish reasons here) and if I can by chance snag the companionship of a close intimate friend to laugh and brainstorm providing stimulating reaction in my soul even better the time spent over a cup of the stuff from “java” and beyond.

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